A visit from London

On April 18th, 2017, Christiane Ruhrberg of the University College London Institute of Ophthalmology came to Cologne as Visiting Professor to the German Research Foundation Research Unit FOR 2240 “Angiogenesis, Lymphangiogenesis and Cellular Immunity in Inflammatory Diseases of the Eye”. Prof. Ruhrberg is Professor of Neuronal and Vascular Biology at UCL and holds a Wellcome Trust Investigator Award to investigate neurovascular interactions in the brain and retina.
She held on talk on “VEGF signalling in angiogenesis, arteriogenesis and vascular permeability”.
Her three main research areas areas are:
1) neurovascular co-patterning and interactions
2) molecular regulation of angiogenesis
3) signal transduction in vascular hyperpermeability
The event was hosted by FOR 2240 clinician-scientist Dr. F. Bucher.