Double triumph for cologne scientist.

This year’s DOG Patent 2019 award went to Dr. Thomas Clahsen for his exceptional inventions in the area of ophthalmology. Dr. Clahsen is working at the University Hospital Cologne in the Department of Ophthalmology (Experimental Ophthalmology). This specific award is only given once a year and honors outstanding translational research and application for a patent in ophthalmology.

Dr. Thomas Clahsen is working on new Lymphangiogenesis modulators. He compared high-lymphangiogenesis C57BL/6 and low-lymphangiogenesis BALB/c mice with Quantitative Trait Locus analysis and found a new gen as a potential modulator of lymphangiogenesis. The patent describes the gen as a new useful therapeutic modulator of proliferation from lymphatic endothelial cells.

Dr. Clahsen further more was honored with the Best Paper Award for his presentation “Tyrosinase: How do pigments and angiogenesis in the eye correlate?”