Elsevier Announces Most Cited Ophthalmology Articles

Consensus Definition for Atrophy Associated with Age-Related Macular Degeneration on OCT: Classification of Atrophy Report 3 is one of the most quoted papers according to the Elsevier Most Cited Ophthalmology Articles overview https://bit.ly/3224En0
As part of the Classification of Atrophy Meetings (CAM) program, Prof. Dr. Sandra Liakopoulos of the Department of Ophthalmology at the University Hospital Cologne along with an international group of experts surveyed the existing literature, performed a masked analysis of longitudinal multimodal imaging for a series of eyes with AMD, and reviewed the results of this analysis to define areas of agreement and disagreement. Through consensus discussions at 3 meetings over 12 months, a classification system based on OCT was proposed for atrophy secondary to AMD. Specific criteria were defined to establish the presence of atrophy. Read more via https://bit.ly/3g3BzNk
Prof. Dr. Liakopoulos furthermore has established The Cologne Image Reading Center and Laboratory (CIRCL) in 2008 which is in cooperation with FOR2240. From 2006 till 2007, Prof. Liakopoulos was trained in image analysis at the Doheny Image Reading Center (DIRC) in Los Angeles under the direction of SriniVas R. Sadda, MD, and served as a senior grader for the DIRC. https://augenklinik.uk-koeln.de/forschung/circl/