Ophthalmology department with the most “top physicians” in Germany

Five experts in the Focus health ranking

The center of ophthalmology at the University Hospital Cologne made it again to the top of the ophthalmology section of the FOCUS magazine’s health ranking. With five top physicians the Cologne center has the greatest number of recommended ophthalmologists within one University Department in Germany.
The ranking featured Prof. Dr. Thomas Dietlein in the section of glaucoma and in the section of strabology/neuroophthalmology Prof. Antje Neugebauer and Dr. Julia Fricke. In addition, in the section of corneal transplantation, Univ. Prof. Dr. Claus Cursiefen and Prof. Dr. Björn Bachmann received top positions.
The center of ophthalmology of the University Hospital Cologne is not only one of the major University Clinics for ophthalmology in Europe but also the most highly subspecialized university hospital in Germany.