Prof. Cursiefen elected to DFG Review Board Ophthalmology

Prof. Dr. U. Schlötzer-Schrehardt from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and Prof. Dr. C. Cursiefen, Speaker of FOR 2240, were elected as German Research Foundation (DFG) Review Board Members for Ophthalmology starting in 2016. The two review board members represent Ophthalmology in the Clinical Neuroscience Study section (FK206), with thirty-two members in all.

Their main task is to make a fair and factual assessment of the scientific merit of grant applications in their field. They write recommendations which are then presented to the decision-making body of the DFG along with the applications. Furthermore, review board members advise the decision-making body on strategic issues in research support; in this capacity acting in an interdisciplinary way.

More information on the election can be found at: