Research Groups

There are six regular research groups (projects) in research unit FOR 2240. Two principal investigators head each group. They are the ones who applied for and were awarded the funding for that project, and are a mix of clinician-scientists and scientists, most of them professors. They lead their project and have a say in executive decisions of the research unit FOR 2240. Project 2 also has a project manager with similar leadership duties as the principal investigators. Working in the groups at the post-doc level are eight clinician-scientists (Gerok) on research rotation posts. Others working in the groups at the post-doc level have a variety of backgrounds, including medicine, physics, biology, engineering, and ecotrophology. They are funded in a variety of ways, including DFG-financed positions, as are the growing number of PhD students, the majority of them female, guest scientists, and interns that the research unit has attracted. The laboratory work of the entire research unit FOR 2240 is considerably aided by teams of medical technical assistants, some DFG-funded as well. Most members of the research groups are located in Cologne, with teams in Muenster and Erlangen-Nuremberg, too.

Project 1 Lymph-Transplant

Induction of transplant tolerance by antihem- and antilymphangiogenic therapies

Project 2 Modulators of LA

Identification of novel endogenous modulators of (inflammatory) lymphangiogenesis by analyzing mouse strain-specific differences

Project 4 Ocular Melanoma

Tumor-associated lymphangiogenesis and its inhibition as a novel therapeutic strategy in conjunctival melanomas

Project 5 Myeloid Cells

Myeloid cell function in corneal hem- and lymphangiogenesis

Project 6 Microglia in AMD

Role of the complement system and microglia in age-related macular degeneration

Project 8 Uveitis

The role of interleukin (IL)-10 in the pathogenesis of autoimmune uveitis in mice and man