Central project 2 Management

Management and support


Central project 2 headed by Prof. Cursiefen and Prof. Langmann manages the administrative issues of the research unit. They have built a framework to connect all individual projects with monthly seminars for progress reports and by continuing the invited guest lecture and visiting professor series. They will also continue the yearly research retreats and organize an international meeting in Cologne at the end of the first funding period. They have implemented a specific secretary who coordinated the development of the FOR 2240 website and who maintains the website. The secretary furthermore coordinates the central budgets for travel costs and publication fees and is also responsible for coordinating the GEROK rotation positions, for all communications related to financial issues and for staff contracts with the grant departments of the Universities in Cologne, Erlangen as well as the Franziskus Hospital in Münster. The secretary offers support in the preparation of manuscripts and in the management of the formal project issues of PhD and MD students.


Cursiefen C, Bock F, Clahsen T, Regenfuss B, Reis A, Steven P, Heindl LM, Bosch JJ, Hos D, Eming S, Grajewski R, Heiligenhaus A, Fauser S, Austin J, Langmann T. [New Therapeutic Approaches in Inflammatory Diseases of the Eye – Targeting Lymphangiogenesis and Cellular Immunity: Research Unit FOR 2240 Presents Itself]. Klin Monbl Augenheilkd. 2017 May;234(5):679-685.