Curriculum Vitae

Daria Lehrmann

AG Ophthalmo-Onkologie
Gebäude 74, 1.024
Weyertal 115c
Uniklinik Köln
50937 Köln

Tel.: 0221-478 51423

Scientific career

2015 Project “Pharmevolution” Drug development simulation including tasks in synthesis, analytics, pharmaceutical technology, drug screening and quality management, University for Applied Sciences Cologne

2015-2016 Development of a therapeutic vaccine against antigens of pancreatic carcinoma, Internship & Bachelor thesis, CIRES GmbH, Bio-Medical Center Bochum

2018-2019 „The role of ATM kinase in T-cell mediated immune surveillance in lymphoma“, Master thesis, University Hospital Cologne, Reinhardt Lab (DNA damage response)

2019-present “Identification of novel potential targets in angiogenesis and metastasis in uveal melanoma“, Doctoral thesis, University Hospital Cologne, Heindl lab (Ophthalmological Oncology)

Selected publications

Lehrmann, D., Refaian, N., Simon, M., Rokohl, A., & Heindl, L. (2022). Preclinical models in ophthalmic oncology—a narrative review. Annals Of Eye Science, 7, 14. doi:10.21037/aes-21-39

Riabinska A, Lehrmann D, Jachimowicz RD, et al. ATM activity in T cells is critical for immune surveillance of lymphoma in vivo. Leukemia. 2020;34(3):771-786. doi:10.1038/s41375-019-0618-2 (Impact factor: 11.528)