Curriculum Vitae

Martina Maaß

for2240 | Martina Maaß

Department of Ophthalmology
Division of Dry-Eye and ocular GVHD
Ocular Surface Group
University of Cologne
Kerpener Strasse 62
50937 Cologne, GERMANY

Scientific career

2003 Diploma Biology, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg

2009 – 2018 Scientist and PhD student, Department of Internal Medicine III, University Hospital of Cologne

since 2011 Scientist, Department of Ophthalmology, Ocular Surface Group, University Hospital of Cologne

2020 PhD, Department of Internal Medicine III, University Hospital of Cologne

since 2020 Affiliated Scientist of Project N1 “Lymph- and hemangiogenesis in ocular Graft-versus-Host Disease” of the DFG Research Unit FOR 2240 “Angiogenesis, Lymphangiogenesis and Cellular Immunity in Inflammatory Diseases of the Eye” at the Department of Ophthalmology, University of Cologne

since 2022 Senior Scientist of the Dry-Eye and ocular GVHD group

Selected publications

Tran BN, Maass M, Musial G, Stern ME, Gehlsen U, Steven P. Topical application of cannabinoid-ligands ameliorates experimental dry-eye disease. Ocul Surf. 2022; 23: 131-139

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Gehlsen U, Stary D, Maass M, Riesner K, Musial G, Stern ME, Penack O, Steven P. Ocular Graft-versus-Host Disease in a Chemotherapy-Based Minor-Mismatch Mouse Model Features Corneal (Lymph-) Angiogenesis. Int J Mol Sci. 2021; 22 (12): 6191

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