Prof. Cursiefen re-elected to DFG Review Board

Claus Cursiefen

Professor Dr. Claus Cursiefen, Chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology of the University Hospital Cologne and Speaker of DFG FOR2240, has been re-elected to the DFG Review Board representing Ophthalmology . With him Professor Dr. Marius Ader from Regenerative Therapies Dresden, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany – CRTD Dresden received the most votes. Both have been elected to the Review Board DFG 206 representing ophthalmology within the section of neuroscience.

The DFG review boards evaluate proposals to fund research projects. They also monitor the review process to ensure that uniform standards are being observed. In addition they advise on issues concerning the further development and organisation of the DFG funding programmes. The work of the review boards is defined by the framework rules of procedure established by the DFG Senate, on the basis of which the 48 review boards draw up their own rules of procedure for the relevant membership period and elect a spokesperson and deputy spokesperson.

Members of the review boards are elected by researchers for four years in accordance with election regulations to be adopted by the Senate. They are assigned to a subject area according to the focus of their own research work. A group of subject areas that are scientifically linked form one review board. The structure of subject areas and review boards is re-examined by the Senate every four years as part of the preparations for the review board elections, and modified if necessary. A minimum of two representatives are selected for each subject area. The number of representatives per subject area also depends on how many funding proposals in that area require review and evaluation.