Two female FOR Scientists selected for Mentoring Programs of the Medical Faculty

We are proud to announce that Ms Dr. Simona Schlereth and Ms Dr. Andrea Hedergott were selected to attend the MhÄK Mentoring program of the Medical Faculty at the University of Cologne.

 The program is implemented for female physicians who are qualifying as a professor and runs this year for the very first time.

The two-year program aims to establish contact with mentors of the own or related speciality fields. 

It is expected to envision career possibilities and reflect on further career steps with experienced superiors. 

Additionally, the mentoring program provides workshops around the subject of career planning, soft skills and scientific know-how as well as peer consulting work.

It is of great importance to the deanery to promote and support young academic talents. You can find further information on the program via (German)

Ms Dr. Schlereth is affiliated with P4, Ms Dr. Hedergott with P2 of the DFG FOR at dept. of Ophthalmology.